About Lemax

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History Of Lemax Christmas Village Collection

Since its inception in 1990, Lemax has rapidly become an industry leader. Just as the seasonal pastime of collecting lighted houses and constructing Christmas village displays has gathered pace, so Lemax has grown and continuously expanded their catalogue. From a small inventory of simple lighted porcelain homes to an extensive range of buildings, animated features, figurines, landscapes and accessories. To date, Lemax have produced a vast array of products, numbering in the thousands.

Lemax have very successfully fulfilled the needs and aspirations of casual seasonal buyers and serious collectors alike. Many Lemax lighted houses can readily be featured in the home as a single item. These can make for an impressive centrepiece and talking point. Alternatively, Lemax products can be built into extensive festive village displays.

Lemax claim to produce high quality but affordable items. Every Lemax product is hand-painted which means that each is unique. Over the years, Lemax products have become increasingly detailed and complex. More recent models have interior scenes, sounds and music, animations and more. Lemax claim to take pride in delivering detailed models at accessible prices.

Christmas Village Displays

Lemax also produce a full range of accessories to create the complete Christmas village display. These include electrical adaptors, trees, landscapes and more to add those finishing touches.

Lemax is arguably the most truly international of the Christmas village brands. In January 2006, Lemax opened their European office, just outside Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. It is located a 15 minute drive from Schiphol Airport.

The Lemax head office is located in Hong Kong and the Lemax factories are located in Quangdong Province in southeastern China. Lemax claim to have more than 5,000 employees delivering in excess of a million lighted houses and ten million figurines every year.

Collecting Lemax Christmas Village In the UK

Lemax products are widely available in the UK. The are often sold in garden centres, both in store and online. Lemax produce items specifically intended for use in the UK and should come equipped with a standard UK 3-pin plug.

Prices for Lemax products can be higher in the UK than elsewhere. Even when taking shipping costs into account, it can often be cheaper to buy their Christmas village products from a European vendor. If you do this, you can expect the item to be equipped with a European style plug. As most collectors will have multiple units to light, it would be advisable to replace the original light cords with a Lemax multi-light adaptor. These are available fitted with a UK plug. Motorised, animated or musical items could be used with a travel adaptor but bear in mind these are not intended for long-term use. Alternatively, these items can be battery operated.