Lemax 2016 Collection Christmas Catalogue

Somewhat smaller than the release in 2015, the catalogue for the 2016 Christmas season is nonetheless a substantial one. It boasts new models for all the existing village series. Carnival is the only exception, which is not represented at all. Otherwise, we have the full range of lighted buildings, table accents and figurines. There are Continue reading

Lemax Sugar N Spice

Lemax Sugar N Spice Collection Set For Surprise Return

First launched in 2004, the original Sugar N Spice series from Lemax was a relatively short-lived but long-remembered and much loved village collection. The entire range was discontinued in 2007, perhaps in part due to some similarity and overlap with the ever-popular Santa’s Wonderland product range. With Lemax not opening their European office until 2006, Continue reading

Lemax A Short Break, Set Of 2

Lemax 2015 Collection Features New Sit-down Figures

The much-anticipated launch of the new Lemax 2015 collection has seen the introduction of a new variety of figurines. As the name would suggest, these sit-down figures are moulded in the sitting position and are intended for placement on a bench or chair accessory. Lemax reports that these new figurines are a direct request from Continue reading