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End Of An Era For Lilliput Lane

Sad news has come our way that the Lilliput Lane brand is to be discontinued. On Thursday 11 August 2016 the process began that will result in the closure of the factory at Langholm in the Scottish Borders. Ultimately, the manufacturing of all Lilliput Lane cottages will cease.

Parent company Enesco Ltd published a statement on the Lilliput Lane website  which reads, “The factory has been trading at a loss for some time now and we have reached the point where this is no longer sustainable.”

Lilliput Lane launched with 14 models in September 1982. The business rapidly grew a massive national and international fan base. Each cottage was a replica of a real building and much of their success can be attributed to the high quality craftsmanship and hand-painted designs. Such was the popularity at the height of their success that they even had a visitor centre at their factory at Penrith. It  attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The iconic British brand was sold to Enesco, the American manufacturing company in 1997. They cite “changing consumer tastes” as one of the reasons for the decline in demand of the Lilliput Lane range of products.

All too soon these fabulous miniatures will be gone from stores forever. Here is a timely reminder of some of our favourites from the Christmas, Snowed Cottages series.

2 thoughts on “End Of An Era For Lilliput Lane

    • Hello Hannah, sorry for late reply. Lilliput Lane are sadly no longer a going concern. Many models do still show up for sale in secondary markets such as ebay.

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