Lemax A Short Break, Set Of 2

Lemax 2015 Collection Features New Sit-down Figures

The much-anticipated launch of the new Lemax 2015 collection has seen the introduction of a new variety of figurines. As the name would suggest, these sit-down figures are moulded in the sitting position and are intended for placement on a bench or chair accessory.

Lemax reports that these new figurines are a direct request from collectors and are being fulfilled in line with their continuing commitment to fan-based interaction through their website and social media platforms. They state that the opportunity to move figures to different placements within a village display was a suggestion from long-time collectors that made them sit up and take notice.

The 2015 collection delivers the first three of this new variety of figurine. These are Bench Figures, Chatting Together and A Short Break, Set Of 2.

How these new style figurines are utilised within a village display is limited only by the imagination of the creator. Lemax has a number of suitable accessories for placement of the sit-down figures, such as benches and chairs but they could just as easily be placed to sit on a wall, a straw bale or even the tailgate of a truck.

Suggested accessories for placement of new sit-down figurines.

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