Lemax 2016 Collection Christmas Catalogue

Somewhat smaller than the release in 2015, the catalogue for the 2016 Christmas season is nonetheless a substantial one. It boasts new models for all the existing village series. Carnival is the only exception, which is not represented at all. Otherwise, we have the full range of lighted buildings, table accents and figurines. There are extravagant Sights & Sounds models, charming lighted buildings, enchanting animated pieces and interesting character pieces to bring the whole scene to life.

Caddington Village lighted buildings

Caddington Village remains the lead village series for 2016, with more new models than any other. The Holiday Hamlet Christmas Shoppe is the Sights & Sounds collection flag bearer. The circling birds above, together with the tune of Silent Night and the inside scene ensure this addition will prove popular.

Our top picks of the Caddington lighted buildings for 2016 though go to the delightfully quaint The Tea Room and the exceptionally stylish Continental Chocolates.

Caddington Village accessories and figures

The Caddington Village range is once again well supported with a grand assortment of animated and static accessories and plenty of figurines. Swing Boats and Happy Christmas, Mr. Scrooge are the leading animated pieces. We prefer the traditional Victorian-styled Caddington pieces and so our favourite has to be the scene set in Street Lamp Serenade. Violet Vendor is a figure we like that is also in keeping with a more traditional Victorian theme.

Santa’s Wonderland

The 2016 collection brings a small but select range of introductions to the Santa’s Wonderland catalogue. Two of the most significant models of the 2016 season belong to this series. These are the Sights & Sounds models of North Pole Observatory and Reindeer On Holiday. We also have a new animated skating scene and a reworking of the Lemax cable car.

Vail Village

The Vail Village rugged outdoors, mountainside series continues to be well supported in 2016. It delivers a set of new releases second only in number to that of Caddington Village. Seven lighted buildings have been added to the collection. Our favourite here has to be Pine Crest Nature Preserve, featuring a lookout tower and hikers visitor centre.

Plenty of new table pieces and figures to help set the scene and our favourites here include the scene depicted by Sunny Trails and the characters that make up the piece, Spelunkers.

Harvest Crossing

The rural village of Harvest Crossing welcomes a generous seven new lighted buildings to the collection in 2016 but only a single accessory. Leading the way though is one of the most ambitious releases of 2016 in the shape of the Sights & Sounds model, Canterbury Farms Eggnog Factory. We like the agricultural charm of Green Valley Milk.

Plymouth Corners

The seaside town of Plymouth Corners is boosted by no less than four new working lighthouse models in 2016. Only Crest Point Lighthouse is incorporated into a larger building this time. There is also a new boat model this season in The “Yule Tide” Yacht, which features coloured LED string lighting.

Accessories are in short supply in 2016 but we think Fish Market, Set Of 2 is a particularly welcome addition.

Jukebox Junction

The retro 1950’s styling of Jukebox Junction continues to be a niche choice in 2016 but there are still two new lighted buildings added this season. Carl’s Auto Body & Paint makes a particularly attractive scene.

Lemax General Products 2016

As has often been the case, there are a large number of items in 2016 which come under the Lemax general products banner. These are accessories and figurines that don’t belong to a specific village series. These items might work well in various scenarios.

There are some significant new additions in this bracket for 2016. Village Bethlehem is an attractive nativity scene that can be used as a standalone piece. It is available either as just the unit itself or with the addition of the Starry Night Background, which is a fabulous twinkling background that would enhance any village. In a similar vein, 2016 also sees the introduction of the animated, lighted firework display backgrounds. This comes in a range of five different colours.

The 2016 Christmas season also sees the introduction of a new modular plaza system. There are four different sets which range from 16 to 32 pieces. These could easily be enhanced by one of the three new statue models that are added in 2016.

Perhaps the most exciting new addition of 2016 under the general products category though is a new working fountain. The Modular Plaza-Fountain appears to be better thought out and a more practical design than its predecessor. We also think its a lot more desirable.

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