Dickensville New Releases For 2016

Dickensville, Collectables by Peha have announced their new additions to the Elfsteden range for 2016. The new models consist of six lighted buildings and a further six figurines and accessories. The collection features two new buildings from the town of Leeuwarden, two from Workum and one each from the towns of Harlingen and IJlst.

Our favourites include the old prison building from Leeuwarden, which these days houses a business centre, and the Harlingen harbour lighthouse. There is also a bandstand where the band plays along to the festive tune of Jingle Bells.

The new range of figurines and accessories are led by the Bartleheim bridge skating scene, an inviting hot chocolate stall lit with LEDs and a set of four skating children figurines.

Since 2013, Dickensville models have come equipped with a battery box making them suitable for use anywhere in the world. Power cables for individual and multiple item use are available though these are produced for a European market and it is likely that an adaptor would be necessary for use elsewhere.

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